Giving the Ph.D. Dissertation Talk


Students must give a talk on the principal results of their research (this is a departmental graduation requirement). Please note that the dissertation talk must be given before a student files their dissertation.

Students should:

  1. Complete the Thesis Seminar Form before they give the talk.
  2. Submit the details of their talk to the EECS Department Event Calendar (see instructions below). 
  3. Advertise their talk by sending an announcement to

Submit Your Talk to the EECS Event Calendar

Fill out an event submission form: (click the left-column link called Submit or edit an event)

Note that your login session with the event submission form will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you are interrupted or otherwise delayed in submitting your event, you will need to log in again to re-enter your event. If you are running out of time, press the "submit" button to let the system know that you are still there. Your 30 minutes will start over and you can continue to edit the event.

Include the following information:

Event Title format:  "Dissertation Talk: Title of Dissertation"  (no quotes, subtitle optional)

Event Type:  Seminar

Description:  (your abstract, do not include the word "Abstract")

Name #1:  (your name)

Location for virtual events:

  • Location:  Off Campus
  • Location Name: Zoom
  • Link Location's Name To:  (zoom URL)

Primary Sponsor:  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Phone Number (for general public information) / or Email:  (your information)

Access Coordinator Name / Phone Number / Email Address:  (your EE or CS staff advisor)

Once it has been approved by the moderator, your talk will appear on the EECS Event Calendar:  Event moderation can take up to one business day.

You may re-edit a previously submitted event at any time. To flag an event as "canceled", open the section "Event Status, Audience, Image Upload & Details" and select "Canceled" from the options under "Status."