Ph.D. Dissertation Filing Procedure

  • All doctoral dissertations must be submitted in electronic form. You need to consult the publication "Instructions for Preparing and Filing Your Thesis or Dissertation" which describes the requirements for preparing the final version of your dissertation and submitting it electronically. (NOTE: Grad Div. needs at least 3 working days to review your electronic submission before they are able to provide a receipt of filing. You may still file on the deadline date but don't expect to receive a confirmation until the following week.) After your degree is awarded, the original copy will be sent to the University Library to be bound and included in the Library's collection.
  • If you're filing for both an M.S. and the Ph.D., you must file your M.S. report or thesis before you file your dissertation (and the dates on the M.S. signature page must be earlier than those on the dissertation signature page), though you can file both in the same semester.
  • If you plan more than incidental use of your own previously published or co-authored material in your dissertation or thesis, a practice common in the sciences and engineering and sometimes followed in other fields, you must request permission to do so from the Dean of the Graduate Division, at least three weeks prior to filing. See the Graduate Division policy for more details.
  • One copy should be uploaded to the EECS Department Website through the online submission form.
  • Departmental Submission: The Department no longer accepts a hard copy of your dissertation. The documents you must submit to the EECS Grad Office are (1) a copy of the signed signature page (2) a copy/printout of the title page (3) a copy/printout of the abstract .