Designated Emphasis

Doctoral students in many science programs at UC Berkeley now have the opportunity to pursue a specialization and receive recognition for it when awarded their degree. There are currently 3 of these "designated emphasis" programs (DE's) within the College of Engineering.

For a list of all the Designated Emphasis programs offered, the Graduate Division maintains a list.

Admissions Procedures for the DE

Before taking the qual exam, complete an application for admission to the appropriate Designated Emphasis program. Once approved, a Change of Major or Degree Goal petition must be filed with the Degrees Unit to indicate your admission into the DE. Make sure you notify and submit a copy of the form to your Staff Graduate Advisor. Upon receipt of the appropriately signed petition, the addition of the DE will be entered into the Graduate Division and Registrar's databases. When you file your dissertation, the DE will appear on the degrees list and be entered into your transcript in the Registrar's office as awarded.