1. Insert the copy card into the card reader. Scanning doesn’t cost any money, so you can ignore the amount displayed on the card reader.
  2. The copy machine should turn on automatically once the card has been inserted. If it doesn’t, simply press the “energy save” button and the main screen should display.
  3. Insert your document(s) into the input tray. A green light will turn-on if the paper is inserted correctly. This is the most efficient way to scan multi-page documents. If you only have a single page to scan, you can lift the cover, place the document face-down on the glass, close the cover, and proceed from there. This can be helpful for documents that are too large or small to fit into the feeder. Don’t forget to retrieve the original once the scan is complete!
  4. If you are scanning stapled documents, cut off the stapled corners before scanning. Be careful to maintain the pages in their original order.
  5. Insert your flash drive into the USB port to the left of the display screen. Scanning to a drive is the best way to ensure that your scans are received. There is an option to scan and send to an email address, however, this is not recommended, especially when scanning large numbers of documents. All too often the scans will overload the network, causing the machine to freeze and leading to a long downtime before the scans are actually sent to the email address. In some cases the scans are never received or are incomplete. For these reasons we strongly encourage you to scan to a drive.
  6. From the main menu, select “Scan and Store” (if you are sending the scans to an email address, select “Scan and Send,” but we do not recommend this option for the reasons detailed in Step 5).
  7. Select “Memory Media” and then select your drive from the menu. You will need to wait for the scans to be stored to your drive, but you can continue scanning and storing in the meantime. Do not remove the drive until all of your scans have been stored. For “Scan and Send,” select “New Destination” if your email address is not yet entered into the address book. Next, select “E-Mail” and enter the email address. Check that the address is correct on the next screen and then hit “OK” once you are ready to scan.
  8. If the documents you are scanning are doubled-sided, select “2-Sided Original” and then indicate whether the original is “Book Type” or “Calendar Type” (i.e., vertical or horizontal).
  9. If you are scanning documents that have cut-corners, we highly recommend inserting the pages upside-down with the cut-corners facing away from the feeder. This will minimize the chances of a paper-jam. You will need to rotate the scanned pdf that you download from your email, but this generally is less time consuming than removing jams (which may also damage the originals).
  10. Press the large green “Start” button to begin the scan.
  11. Retrieve the original documents once the scan is complete. If you have more documents to scan and want to use the same settings and email address, select “Previous Settings” from the scan menu.
  12. Make sure that the storing is complete. It can take a while after the actual scanning for everything to be saved to the drive. Click the eject icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to eject the drive; it will tell you if the scans are still being saved and will not allow the eject. If you eject before everything is scanned, the machine will not be able to complete any more scans, so please do not physically eject the drive until you know everything has been saved.
  13. Once all of your scanning is complete, press the small black button on the card reader and it will return the copy card (this can take a minute). Make sure you check the copier for any remaining originals. Press the “energy save” button on the machine and turn off the lights before you leave. Return the copy card to the front desk in 253 Cory and you’re all set!