1. Insert the copy card into the card reader. Abe Lincoln’s face should be facing towards you (pictured). The card reader will display how much money is on the card. The cost is 4 cents per side. If the card doesn’t have sufficient funds to make all of your copies, please bring it to 253 Cory for a refill.
  2. The copy machine should turn on automatically once the card has been inserted. If it doesn’t, simply press the “energy save” button and the main screen should display.
  3. Insert your document(s) into the input tray. A green light will turn-on if the paper is inserted correctly.
  4. Select “copy” from the main menu.
  5. Input your desired settings. Select “Finishing” for stapling and 3-hole punching. Select “2-Sided” for 2-sided printing. Select “Density” to adjust the contrast. If you have any other special requirements, check the “Options” button (for example, you can select “Copy Set Numbering” from the “Options” screen).
  6. Input the quantity of copies you need using the number keys next to the screen. You can use the “Clear” button to re-enter the number or the “Reset” button to re-enter your settings.
  7. Once you have all your settings and number of copies selected, you can press the large green “Start” button to begin the job. If you would like to see a sample copy to make sure all of your settings are correct, select “Sample Copy” before hitting “Start”. If the copy is correct, press the “Start” button displayed on the screen. If not, cancel the job and change the settings as need.
  8. Once all of your copies are all complete, press the small black button on the card reader and it will return the copy card (this can take a minute). Make sure you check both output trays and grab the original before leaving the copy room. Press the “energy save” button on the machine and turn off the lights before you leave. Return the copy card to the front desk in 253 Cory and you’re all set!