X. Campus Safety Resources

A number of University programs and service organizations have been established to address injury and illness prevention and to maintain and promote a safe and healthful work environment for the campus community. A list is provided below, please use the Campus Telephone Directory for up-to-date telephone numbers.

Office of Emergency Management

For information on disaster preparedness 510-642-9036 /

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

For information on various safety topics, including hazard evaluations and employee training 510-642-3073

Office of Radiation Safety

For information on radioactive materials and lasers 510-643-8414

Risk Services

For safety issues that may generate lawsuits against the University 642-5141

Academic Senate

Assistance for academic appointees in dealing with supervisory issues 642-4226

Staff Ombuds Office

Assistance for staff employees in dealing with supervisory issues 642-7823

Academic Personnel Office

For information on personnel policies and labor contracts 642-9046

Facilities Services

For installation and repair of facility safety equipment 642-1032

School of Optometry: Meredith Morgan Eye Center

For assistance with safety eyewear 510-643-2020

Student Life Advising Services

Assistance for student employees 642-7224

Office of the Chancellor

For information on campus policies 642-2331

UC Police Department

For information on personal security at the workplace 642-6760

University Health Services

For assistance on various topics, including psychological counseling, medical evaluations and treatment, ergonomic issues, worksite wellness, and Workers Compensation programs 642-2000