Soda Hall Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

General Information

Effective Date:

August 9, 2018

Department Name:


Department Head:

James Demmel

CS Chair, EECS Department Chair

Jeffrey Bokor

EE Chair, EECS Vice Chair

Department Safety Coordinator:

Alan Boland, Safety Officer, COE, EECS

+1 (510) 642-5051

Computer Workstation Evaluator

Chris DelliGatti/Robin Hoey

+1 (510) 704-3853

Safety Related Items

393 Soda Hall:
Location of minutes from Safety Committee Meeting (see Section II)

393 Soda Hall:
Blank "Report of Unsafe Condition" - Pickup and Turn-in locations (see Section III)

393 Soda Hall:
Location of other safety-related items (see Section VI)

Chris DelliGatti/Robin Hoey:
Person who assists injured employees with appropriate paperwork (see Section VI)

393 Soda Hall:
Documents related to IIPP - safe, convenient record keeping location (see Section IX)

393 Soda Hall:
Location of Training Records for IIPP (see Section IX)

The Safety Committee meets once per semester (Including Summer Session)

The Safety Committee members are:

Chair’s Name:   Christopher DelliGatti/Robin Hoey
Section/Sub-unit:  Building Coordinator-Soda Hall

Member Name:   Leslie Goldstein
Section/Sub-unit:  ERSO-Contract and Grant Manager

Member Name:   Brian Barsky
Section/Sub-unit:  Emeriti Faculty

Member Name:   Matthew Santillan
Section/Sub-unit:  Assistant to CS Chair, EECS Department

Member Name:   Kattt Atchley
Section/Sub-unit:  Manager for the RISE LAB

Member Name:   Christopher Hunn
Section/Sub-unit:  Staff-Director of Undergraduate Instruction

Member Name:   Derek Calderon
Section/Sub-unit:  Staff-Network Admin, IRIS-EECS

Member Name:   Tamille Johnson
Section/Sub-unit:  Manager of the ADEPT LAB

Member Name:   Ria Briggs
Section/Sub-unit:  Staff-Admin-ADEPT LAB

Member Name:   Open
Section/Sub-unit:  Staff-Admin-EECS Accounting Group

Member Name:   Alan Bolind, Safety Officer, Liaison with OEM<
Section/Sub-unit:  College of Engineering, EECS

Buildings occupied by this division

  1. Building name or address: Soda Hall
    Unit within your department: Computer Science Division
    Building Coordinator and phone no. at this location: Chris DelliGatti/Robin Hoey, +1 (510)704-3853