IX. Record Keeping

Documents related to the IIPP are maintained in 253 Cory Hall and 393 Soda Hall. By law, certain documents related to the IIPP must be kept by the department for at least one year. These records include:

  • Records of scheduled and periodic workplace inspections, including the persons conducting the inspection, any identified unsafe conditions or work practices, and corrective actions (IIPP Form 3 or equivalent)
  • Employee safety training records, including the names of all attendees and instructors, the training date, and material covered (IIPP Forms 6 and 7 or equivalent)

Other documents related to the IIPP that should be kept on file include:

  • Reports of Unsafe Conditions or Hazards (IIPP Form 1)
  • Safety Committee Meeting Documentation (IIPP Form 2)
  • Hazard Correction Reports (IIPP Form 4)
  • Accident, Injury or Illness Investigation Reports (IIPP Form 5)