III. Identifying Workplace Hazards

Regular, periodic workplace safety inspections must be conducted throughout the department. By law, the first of these inspections must take place when the IIPP is first adopted by the department. The inspections should be noted on IIPP Form 3 or other documentation, and copies of this documentation must be maintained by the department for at least one year. These regular inspections will be supplemented with additional inspections whenever new substances, processes, procedures, or equipment introduced into the workplace represent a new occupational safety and health hazard or whenever supervisors are made aware of a new or previously unrecognized hazard.

Generally, supervisors are responsible for identification and correction of hazards that their staff and/or students face and should ensure that work areas they exercise control over are inspected at least annually. Supervisors should check for safe work practices with each visit to the workplace and should provide immediate verbal feedback where hazards are observed.

The "Report of Unsafe Condition" Form 3 should be filled out when a referral is made to the Safety Committee as a result of a condition discovered during an inspection for which the responsible supervisor could not determine an immediate remedy. The "Report of Unsafe Condition" form can also be obtained in 253 Cory Hall, filled out and returned via inner-office mail to 253 Cory Hall anonymously.