Cory Hall Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

General Information

Department Name:


Department Head:

Jeff Bokor, Chair

Division Name:

Electrical Engineering & ERSO

Division Head:

Jeff Bokor, Chair

Department Safety Coordinator:

Logan Baldini

+1 (510) 384-8914

Computer Workstation Evaluator:

Logan Baldini

+1 (510) 384-8914

Safety Related Items

253A Cory Hall:
Location of minutes from Safety Committee Meeting (see Section II)

253A Cory Hall:
Blank "Report of Unsafe Condition" - Pickup and Turn-in locations (see Section III)
Or, use our online safety request form.

253A Cory Hall:
Location of other safety-related items (see Section VI)

Logan Baldini
Person who assists injured employees with appropriate paperwork (see Section VI)

253A Cory Hall:
Documents related to IIPP - safe, convenient record keeping location (see Section IX)

253A Cory Hall:
Location of Training Records for IIPP (see Section IX)

The Safety Committee meets once per semester (Including Summer Session)

Safety Committee

Chair Name:

Jeff Bokor



EE Division

231 Cory Hall

Vice-Chair Name:

John Canny



CS Division

389 Soda Hall

Committee Chair Name:

Logan Baldini

+1 (510) 384-8914


EECS Staff

253 Cory Hall

Current Members

Bennett Agnew
Logan Baldini
Therese George
Ben Lake
Katherina Law
Chunlei Liu
Scott Mcnally
Elise Mills
Shirley Salanio
Josh Sanz
Steve Volkman

Buildings occupied by this department

  1. Building name or address: Cory Hall
    Unit within your department: Electrical Engineering Division & ERSO Dept.
    Building Coordinator and phone no. at this location: Logan Baldini, cory-building@eecs, +1 (510) 384-8914