This is a brief explanation of how students are hired as ASEs (Academic Student Employees). ASEs include U/GSIs, Readers, Tutors, and Acting Instructor-Graduate Students. ASEs are hired by the department according to academic, budgetary, and staffing circumstances. The EECS ASE Program follows the academic eligibility requirements as outlined in the Student Academic Appointments Handbook.

It is EECS’s responsibility to ensure candidates qualify for academic student employment. Please note that offers coming from faculty do not qualify as official offers. Formal ASE offers are extended by the EECS ASE Program Team, which reviews and confirms that candidates that meet academic eligibility requirements. This process applies to all candidates with or without prior ASE experience.

Hiring Season for spring: announced during early October with a priority application deadline at the end of the month.

Hiring Season for fall: announced during mid- to late April with a priority application deadline during May.


Phase 1

  1. Course Instructors and/or Course Staff will submit a list of potential ASE applicants to be vetted for the upcoming semester. All requests are sent to the EECS ASE Program Team.
  2. The EECS ASE Program Team will determine if the applicants have met the following qualifications before making any offers:
    1. Completed the EECS ASE application
    2. Satisfied the requirements mandated by campus (for GSI qualifications, UGSI qualifications, and Reader/Tutor qualifications)
  3. The EECS ASE Program Team will contact the course’s instructor or head U/GSI with any follow-up questions, or if requested applicants do not meet the Graduate Division’s requirements for ASE employment eligibility. It will take between 3–5 business days to review a new candidate’s application.
    1. Any questions regarding your U/GSI application should be directed to
    2. Questions related to Reader/Tutor appointments should be directed to or
    3. Each course’s staff may or may not follow up with candidates who submit an application. It is up to the applicant to follow up with course staff regarding their application status
  4. An updated list of recommended candidates will then be forwarded to the EECS ASE Program Team. The EECS ASE Program Team manages all ASE job offers/appointments, hiring, payroll/fee issues, modifications to appointments, ASE HR issues, etc. It will take up to 3–5 business days to:
    1. Process a new student application into the EECS system
    2. Coordinate with the ERSO Student Hiring Team to initiate the campus hiring process
  5. Questions from accepted applicants should be directed to
  6. Once the offer is sent to applicants via email, applicants must click on the link to accept or deny their offer. An extended offer must be accepted or declined within three business days. Otherwise, the offer may be withdrawn.

It will take approximately 1–2 weeks for the EECS ASE Program Team to process a new ASE application.

Phase 2

  1. Once the ASE appointment has been accepted by the applicant, the EECS ASE Program Team will send the accepted appointment information to ERSO Student Hiring for processing, which occurs in the order requests are received. Applicants who are new hires will need to complete paperwork prior to their appointment’s start date. If paperwork is required, they cannot begin work until all paperwork is completed. ASEs are not allowed to begin any form of work for their appointment until their hiring paperwork is completed. Communication regarding hiring paperwork will be sent from the ERSO Student Hiring Team:
    1. If a new employee is required to complete paperwork, they will be asked to bring supporting documents to complete their I-9. The most commonly used documents for U.S. citizens include either a passport, or a driver’s license and social security card; however, a complete list will be included in the email. International students must bring three documents: a passport, a work authorization (which is usually an I-20), and an I-94. A new hire’s paperwork is not officially completed until they provide these documents.

      It will take between 1–2 weeks to complete paperwork (which includes in-take and processing). For any questions regarding the hiring paperwork, please contact ERSO Student Hiring at

    2. If the employee is being rehired (i.e., held ASE or other positions on campus during the past semester) and is not required to complete paperwork, they will receive a “Hired” email from the ERSO Student Hiring Team, in which case no further action is required.
  2. When the ERSO Student Hiring Team has completed processing an appointment, an email with “Hired” in the subject line will be sent to the applicant. New ASE staff can contact ERSO Payroll at with any questions regarding their pay. 5 business days are required for the new employee to be active in UC Path. There is another 5-business-day delay for the employee to appear in CalTime after the record exists in UC Path. CalTime can be contacted at to submit inquiries.

    It will take approximately 2 weeks for the ERSO Student Hiring Team to add new employees into the UCPath and CalTime systems.