1. What is an hourly employee?An hourly employee is someone that is paid based on the amount of hours you are assigned to work by your employer. Some of our hourly employees include readers and student assistants.
  2. If I am an hourly employee, where can I find the time sheets?
    • Beginning May 31, 2020, all biweekly hourly employees use CalTime to log their hours. 
    • Student Assistants are Real Time employees, meaning that they must record a time stamp at the beginning and end of their shift.
    • Readers and Tutors are Anytime employees, meaning that they can enter their number of hours worked at any point during the biweekly pay period.
    • Some Readers and Tutors that also hold other appointments may be Real Time employees for both appointments, or will be paid on a monthly basis. You will be informed by ERSO HR if this is the case.
    • Job Aids and Information for both Real Time and Anytime employees can be found here.
  3. When do I need to turn in my time sheet, if I am an hourly employee?Time sheets must be submitted before the due date for the current pay period. Please refer to the CalTime website to find more information about due dates. Please note that most hourly appointments are on the biweekly pay period.
  4. What if I turn in my time sheet after the due date?If you turn in your time sheet after the due date, you will receive pay at a later date. You will need to contact ERSO Payroll to find out when you should expect to receive pay.
  5. When will I receive my paycheck?If you are a biweekly hourly employee, you will receive your paycheck according to the dates specified on the Berkeley Controller’s Office web page. The 2020 biweekly pay dates can be found here.
  6. How will I be paid?If you have been newly hired as a student employee, your first pay amount will ALWAYS be in the form of a paycheck. If you are a rehire, and there is no break in service, your direct deposit information will normally carry over to your current appointment.
  7. What if I already have direct deposit set up with UCB?The campus payroll system is not linked to CARS billing. You will need to sign up for direct deposit through UCPath.
  8. Can I opt for direct deposit?Yes, you have the opportunity to sign up for direct deposit when you fill out your paperwork at 199M Cory Hall. Please bring in a voided check. Once you have been hired, you may also sign up ONLINE in UCPath
    1. Login to UCPath
    2. Navigate to Employee Actions on the left hand side of the webpage
    3. Select Income and Taxes
    4. Select Direct Deposit.

You can elect up to three (3) direct deposit accounts at different financial institutions. (Note that only one change may be made to direct deposit information per 24 hour period.) 

  1. Will direct deposit become effective immediately?Although your information will be saved in the system immediately, UCPath needs to verify your account with your banking institution before beginning direct deposit. Depending on the timing of your enrollment and pay cycle, you may receive a paper paycheck in the interim period while UCPath is verifying your account.
  2. Am I eligible for a partial or full fee remission?Readers and Tutors are eligible for a partial fee remission, if you are a graduate student.
  3. What does the partial fee remission include?The partial fee remission includes the regular Tuition, Student Service Fee, $150 toward the Berkeley Campus Fee, and Health Insurance Fee (graduate students only). For a more detailed description of fee remission types, view: http://www.grad.berkeley.edu/policies/pdf/fee_remission_bulletin.pdf
  4. When will fee remission take effect?Once we have entered your information into our HR and Payroll system, it will take approximately 10-14 business days for the remission to take effect. If you have filled the appropriate paperwork and still do not see the fee remission on your CARS bill after 21 business days, please contact Hamilton Chang.
  5. What if I paid my tuition already?Your CalCentral account will be reimbursed within a few weeks once your appointment has been entered into our payroll system for the partial fee remission, if you are eligible.
  6. Who do I contact if I have accrued late fees?If you have accrued late fees on your registration and you have an academic student appointment with EECS, contact Hamilton Chang.