We encourage any (U)GSI who feels they’re working in excess of their contract to contact Christopher Hunn, Director of Undergraduate Student Instruction, as soon as possible. The Director is a confidential advisor as well as a liaison for addressing these and other circumstances that may be challenging a (U)GSI.

TA’s may also feel free to set up an appointment by first using this bcal link to the campus Google Calendar to view Christopher Hunn’s calendar availability. Invite him to a new event during an available time by adding him to your newly created event’s guest list and saving; this requires CalNet authentication using your @berkeley email address. Then he will be ready for the meeting in his office at 341C Soda Hall.

The following is the department’s policy for addressing a TA’s concern regarding working in excess of their contract:

EECS Policy on Support, Evaluation, and Restitution for Undergraduate/Graduate Student Instructors (U/GSIs) Working in Excess of Contracted Appointment Hours

1.       PURPOSE

To establish a procedure to support undergraduate and graduate student instructors U/GSIs who believe they are working in excess of their contracted appointment hours, and to resolve such issues if and when they occur in a timely manner.


A.       All U/GSIs are instructed to carefully track their weekly hours and duties as explicitly stated in their contract and on their ASE appointment letter provided by the department. In the event the U/GSI suspects they are working more than their appointment permits, they should contact their instructor to address the issue. Common resolutions might be to modify their appointment percentage or work duties so that they are congruent with their appointment letter per UAW contract.

B.       If, at any time, the U/GSI does not feel comfortable bringing this to their instructor’s attention—for whatever reason—they are encouraged to contact the Director of Undergraduate Student Instruction (DUSI) as soon as possible for an informal, confidential meeting to discuss the issue. The Director is provided as an advocate and/or liaison. They are also provided to evaluate the relevant circumstances in concert with the U/GSI.

C.       The Director of Undergraduate Instruction may propose actions to resolve the situation.

D.      In the event initial actions do not resolve the issue, the Director of Undergraduate Instruction may evaluate and verify the U/GSIs work hours according to internal procedures to ensure a comprehensive review.


A.       If it is determined that the U/GSI is in fact working in excess of their appointment hours per the aforementioned procedure, then those hours will be tabulated, and the U/GSI will be financially compensated for the excessive work at the hourly rate of their appointment. If this occurs before the end of the UGSI’s appointment then their work duties will be amended so as to no longer require more hours than their appointment allows.

B.       All U/GSIs will be reminded that—regardless of if they feel their issue was evaluated and resolved reasonably and adequately—they are represented and may seek guidance from an appropriate union representative at any time.