EECS Colloquium

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

306 Soda Hall (HP Auditorium)
4:00 – 5:00 pm

Mary Lou Jepsen

CEO and Founder of Openwater, Inc.

Mary Lou Jepsen speaks on Using Light to see deep inside our bodies and brains, 9/5/18


In a series of mind-bending demos, Mary Lou Jepsen shows how we can use red light to see and potentially stimulate what’s inside our bodies and brains. Taking us to the edge of optical physics, Jepsen unveils new technologies that utilize light and sound to track tumors, measure neural activity and could possibly replace the MRI machine with a cheaper, more efficient and wearable system.


Mary Lou Jepsen pushes the edges of what’s possible in optics and physics, to make new types of devices, leading teams and working with huge factories that can ship vast volumes of these strange, new things. Jepsen is one of the world’s foremost engineers and scientists in optics, imaging and display — inventing at the hairy, crazy edge of what physics allows, aiming to do what seems impossible and leading teams to achieve these in volume in partnership with the world’s largest manufacturers, in Asia. She has more than 200 patents published or issued.  She is the founder and CEO of Openwater, which aims to use new optics to see inside our bodies. Previously a top technical exec at Google, Facebook, Oculus and Intel, her startups include One Laptop Per Child, where she was CTO and chief architect on the $100 laptop. She studied at Brown, MIT and Rhode Island School of Design, and she was a professor at both MITs — the one in Cambridge, Mass., and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Tech in Australia.

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