Student Affairs Staff

Fall 2021 Student Advising Notice

The EECS student advising teams will have at home/on campus hybrid work schedules during the Fall 2021 semester.

To contact a staff member

Please email one of the following aliases:



Executive Director, Center for Student Affairs (CSA)

Susanne Kauer
221 Cory, +1 (510) 642-3694

CSA leadership and oversight of EECS undergraduate & graduate programs; EECS Excellence Student Programs; student organization liaison; pre-graduate advising; tutoring referrals; undergraduate & graduate student academic advising supervisor; graduate student funding.

Director of Student Diversity

Audrey Sillers
203 Cory, +1 (510) 664-7181

Oversees diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in EECS.

Director of Graduate Matters

Shirley Salanio
217 Cory, +1 (510) 643-8347

Oversees the EECS graduate policy and program administration.

Director of Undergraduate Affairs

Antoine Davis
377 Soda, +1 (510) 642-7214

Oversees the EECS and CS undergraduate policy and program administration.

Director of Undergraduate Student Instruction

Christopher Hunn
341C Soda, +1 (510) 664-7546
Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am-12pm,1pm-5pm

Oversees the undergraduate student instructors.

Graduate Matters

Graduate Admissions

Information for Prospective Grad Students

EE Graduate Admissions Coordinator

EE – Patrick Hernan
215 Cory Hall, +1 (510) 642-9265
EE graduate admissions; EE GSI assignments; upper division and graduate CS GSI assignments.

CS Graduate Admissions Coordinator

CS - Glenna Anton
215 Cory Hall, +1 (510) 642-6285
CS graduate admissions; admissions database; lower division CS GSI assignments; student support.

Designated Emphasis Coordinator

Staff Graduate Advisors

Continuing student matters; advising and policy/procedure interpretation; evaluate and monitor student progress; coordinate preliminary exams and student review process; information management; administrative support and special projects.

Information for Current Grad Students

EE – Shirley Salanio
217 Cory, +1 (510) 643-8347

Masters – Michael Sun
5th Year MS, MS-Only, MEng, and MAS-IC.
215 Cory, +1 (510) 643-8107

EECS Undergraduate Affairs

EECS undergraduate program advising; prospective student advising; workshops, faculty Advising, CS Education Day, Cal Day, academic support.

EECS Lead Advisor and Program Coordinator

Andrea Mejia Valencia
205 Cory, +1 510 642-7644

For EECS Students:

For LSCS Students:

EECS Undergraduate Advisors

Schedule an appointment with the next available Advisor

Gina Garcia
205 Cory, +1 (510) 642-1786
For EECS Students:

For LSCS Students:

Heather Levien
205 Cory, +1 510 642-7372

For EECS Students:

For LSCS Students:

Letters & Science CS Undergraduate Affairs

CS Student Affairs Advisors

Academic advising, program planning, degree checks and audits, course selection, and prospective and intended student advising.

Current UC Berkeley students (regardless of major) may schedule an advising appointments via CalCentral.  Prospective students may schedule an advising appointment at our YouCanBookMe page.

Andrea Mejia Valencia
205 Cory, +1 510 642-7644

CS Scholars Program

CS Scholars Associate Director

Charlene Duncan
349 Soda Hall, +1 (510) 642-2357
Book an appointment with Charlene

Primary contact for the Computer Science Scholars Program; advises and counsels prospective, intended, and current students.

CS Scholars Seminar Facilitator

Krista Schnell
349 Soda Hall

Advises and counsels current CS 61A scholars.

Undergraduate Instruction Management

Course Managers

Michael-David Sasson
315 Soda, +1 (510) 644-5110

Krystle Simon
315 Soda

Scheduling and Enrollment

EE Scheduler and Advisor

CS Scheduler and Enrollment Manager