Computer and IT Support Staff

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Administrative Computing Group (ACG)

Computer support, web applications, printers, and other IT support for the department leadership and administrative staff.  For other support, see the general contact addresses above.


Yu-Tin Kuo

369 Soda, ,+1 (510) 643-7848,

Management of ACG functions; desktop and application server administration; database design and programming.

Application Programming and Database Administration

John Keller

331 Soda, +1 (510) 642-9435,

Creation and maintenance of web applications, database design and administration, programming group lead

Application Programming

Miguel Quinonez-Skinner

331 Soda,

Creation and maintenance of web applications.

Sergio Feria

331 Soda,

Creation and maintenance of web applications.

Communications Coordinator

Matthew Santillan

253B Cory, +1 (510) 643-4976,

EECS Department and EE/CS Division home page support,  peripheral web administration, news and events.

Instructional Computing Support

EECS Instructional computing and computer lab support in Cory, Soda, and Sutardja Dai Halls: workstations & servers, accounts, email, course home pages.

Instructional Support Group Manager

Finsen Chiu

378 Cory, +1 (510) 643-6141,

Senior System Administrators

Marcelino Enriquez

333 Soda,

Erik Rogers

386 Cory, +1 (510) 643-6138,

Linda Huang

384 Cory, +1 (510) 643-6096,


378, 384 & 386 Cory, 333 Soda
+1 (510) 643-6141, +1 (510) 642-9543