2014 Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award winners Christopher Hunn and Shirley Salanio with their supervisor, Susanne Kauer (center)

Staff Awards

Members of our staff have won almost every campus staff excellence award as well as a number of other prestigious honors.

Discover the EECS Zeilinger Award

Campus Honors

Berkeley Citation

Among the highest awards bestowed upon members of the UC Berkeley community, this citation honors those who have rendered distinguished or extraordinary service to the University over the course of their careers.

  • Wil Zeilinger, 1991
  • Toni Sweet, 1993
  • Ruth Tobey, 2002
  • Sheila Humphreys, 2013

Chancellor's Distinguished Service Award

Among the highest honors bestowed upon staff by the Chancellor, this award recognizes members of the UC Berkeley community who have provided extraordinary service to the University.

  • Pamela Bostelman, 1989 (then called Distinguished Achievement)
  • Kate Riley, 2012

Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award (COSA)

Among the highest honors bestowed upon staff by the Chancellor, COSAs are presented to individuals and teams who, in addition to performing their normal job duties with excellence, also demonstrate exceptional initiative in contributing to the UC Berkeley campus community.

  • Kate Hubben (Riley), 1991 (then called Special Achievement
  • Chris Colbert, 1998
  • Cindy Manly-Fields, 1999
  • Hua-Pei Chen, 2001
  • Sheila Humphreys, 2011
  • Kate Riley, 2011
  • Christopher Hunn, 2014
  • Jean Richter, 2014
  • Shirley Salanio, 2014
  • Tiffany Reardon, 2015
  • Josephine Williamson, 2017

Berkeley Staff Assembly Certificate of Excellence in Management

Selected by career employees and bestowed by the Berkeley Staff Assembly, this award recognizes outstanding managers and supervisors.

  • Hervé Da Costa, 1989
  • Kate Riley, 1997
  • Sheila Humphreys, 2000
  • Kate Riley, 2008
  • Susanne Kauer, 2014
  • Josephine Williamson, 2015
  • Christopher Hunn, 2015
  • Eric Fraser, 2018
  • Emerald Templeton, 2018

Berkeley Outstanding Advising Team Award

  • EECS Undergraduate Matters, 2017

Off-Campus Honors

Sheila Humphreys (blue jacket, left) with President Barak Obama

Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring

Bestowed by the President of the United States, PAESMEM recognizes outstanding efforts of mentors in encouraging the next generation of innovators and developing a science and engineering workforce that reflects the diverse talent of America.

  • Sheila Humphreys, 2012

Computing Research Association A. Nico Habermann Award

CRA bestows this annual award to those who have made outstanding contributions aimed at increasing the numbers and/or successes of underrepresented members in the computing research community.

  • Sheila Humphreys, 1999

WEPAN Women in Engineering Program Award

This award, presented by the Women in Engineering ProActive Network, recognizes an outstanding Women In Engineering (WIE) program that serves as a model for other institutions.

  • EECS Center for Undergraduate Matters, EECS Excellence and Diversity Program, 2002

NCWIT Transformation (NEXT) Award

The NCWIT Extension Services Transformation (NEXT) Award for Excellence in Promoting Women in Undergraduate Computing is given to ES clients who have demonstrated a strong commitment to and proven results in recruiting and retaining women into undergraduate computing programs.

  • The L&S Computer Science Major (Christopher Hunn and Audrey Sillers), 2019

Network World User Excellence Award

  • IRIS network staff, 2003

Gold Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary

A national recognition from the Hungarian Office of the President which is awarded for advancing the interests of the independent and democratic Hungary.

  • Katalin Voros, 2009