Google Doodle honors Lotfi Zadeh, father of fuzzy logic

Google Doodle featuring Lotfi Zadeh (photo: Google)

EECS Prof. Emeritus Lotfi Zadeh (1921 – 2017) is being honored with a Google Doodle feature today.  In 1964, Zadeh conceived a new mathematical concept called fuzzy logic which offered an alternative to rigid yes-no logic in an effort to mimic how people see the world.  He proposed using imprecise data to solve problems that might have ambiguous or multiple solutions by creating sets where elements have a degree of membership. Considered controversial at the time, fuzzy logic has been hugely influential in both academia and industry, contributing to, among other things, “medicine, economic modelling and consumer products such as anti-lock braking, dishwashers and elevators.”   Zadeh’s seminal paper, “Fuzzy Sets — Information and Control,” was submitted for publication 57 years ago today.