Some Puzzles and Research Opportunities in Soft Materials: Nano Seminar series

277 Cory Hall
  • Prof. Steve Granick, Univ of Mass., Polymer Science & Engineering
A fundamental challenge of modern physical science is forming structure that is not frozen in place, but instead reconfigures internally driven by energy throughput and adapts to its environment robustly. Exploring the potential of liquid-phase TEM to image individual molecules and their mutual interactions, we analyze failed and successful encounters of polymers, proteins, and enzymes. In...

Induction and Dynamics of New Phases of Matter: Nano Seminar series

277 Cory Hall
  • Prof. Aaron Lindenberg, Stanford University, MSE
A central goal in materials research is to develop means for controlling, inducing, and visualizing new phases of matter with unique functionalities. This requires efforts to manipulate and dynamically engineer the multi-phase landscapes that host metastable collective states and to visualize the heterogeneous dynamics that often accompanies the induction of new phases. In this talk I will...

Design of Functional Biomaterials: Intermediate Water Concept for Advanced Medical Devices: Nano Seminar series

277 Cory Hall
  • Prof. Masaru Tanaka, Kyushu University, Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering
Water molecules play a crucial role in bio-interfacial interactions, including protein adsorption/desorption and cell adhesion behavior. To understand the role of water in the interaction of proteins and cells at biological interfaces, it is important to compare the states of hydration water with various physicochemical properties of hydrated biomaterials. Here, we present the fundamental...

On Optical Antennas, Quantum Emitters and Biological Nanoparticles: Understanding and Exploiting Efficient Light-Matter Interaction: Nano Seminar series

277 Cory Hall
  • Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
Light-matter interaction at the nanometer scale lies at the heart of elementary optical processes such as absorption, emission, or scattering. In this presentation, we shall consider the intrinsic scattering cross section of a nano-object and discuss 1) its implications for sensitive fluorescence-free detection, and 2) ways to enhance the optical response of a nano-object by using antennas....

Design of Next-Generation Vaccines Using Protein Engineering: Nano Seminar series

277 Cory Hall
  • Prof. Rebecca DuBois, UC Santa Cruz, Biomolecular Engineering
Viral respiratory and gastrointestinal infections are a major cause of illness and mortality in children worldwide. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and human astrovirus (HAstV) infect nearly all children by age two, yet there are no vaccines or antiviral treatments for these pathogens. In this talk, I will describe how my lab uses protein engineering as a foundation for structural,...

Memorial and Celebration of Pravin Varaiya

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
We invite you to join us in celebrating the life of Pravin Varaiya. Among many things in his life, he was the Nortel Networks Distinguished Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley. From 1994 to 1997 he was Director of the California PATH program, a multi-university research program dedicated to the solution of California's transportation...

DiffuserCam: Multi-Dimensional Lensless Imaging: Nano Seminar series

277 Cory Hall
  • Prof. Laura Waller, UC Berkeley, EECS
We describe a computational camera that enables single-shot multi-dimensional imaging with simple hardware and scalable software for easy reproducibility. We demonstrate compact hardware and compressed sensing reconstructions for 3D fluorescence measurements with high resolution across a large volume, hyper-spectral imaging, and temporal super-resolution – recovering a video from a single-shot...

Class of 2023 Engineering Master's Degree Commencement

Hearst Greek Theatre
The College of Engineering will host a commencement ceremony for Master's degree graduates of the Class of 2023, their family and friends on Wednesday, May 17.