Campus Shutdown Notice

In light of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have decided to close our administrative offices starting Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice.  Cory and Soda Hall are closed.  Classes are being held remotely.  All events in Cory and Soda Halls will either be cancelled or held remotely, and staff will be working remotely during this time.


CCB Seminar

Zoom Seminar
  • Dr. Daniel Dominguez, Assistant Professor, Department of of Pharmacology, UNC Chapel Hill

CSV Conference 2021

Virtual Participation
CSV Conference 2021 (csv,conf,v6) is a small community conference that has a broad mission and features diverse talks about data sharing and data analysis, tools, practices, and data science applications from science, journalism, government/civic tech, academia, industry, and open source — with a strong focus...