Campus Shutdown Notice

In light of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have decided to close our administrative offices starting Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice.  Cory and Soda Hall are closed.  Classes are being held remotely.  All events in Cory and Soda Halls will either be cancelled or held remotely, and staff will be working remotely during this time.


EECS Colloquium: Balancing covariates in randomized experiments using the Gram–Schmidt walk

Zoom Webinar
  • Daniel Spielman, Yale
Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) are the principal way we estimate the effectiveness of new medications, procedures, policies, and interventions. In a typical medical trial, the subjects are divided into two (or more) groups. One group of subjects is given the new medicine, and the other is given a placebo or old medicine. Randomization is used to ensure that these test and control groups are...

Controlled Epitaxial Growth and Fabrication of Hybrid Halide Perovskites: Nano Webinar Series

Zoom Session
  • Prof. Sheng Xu, UC San Diego, NanoEngineering
The zoom link for this event is The Xu group aims to understand the electrical, mechanical, and other characteristic behaviors of functional inorganic materials when they are geometrically engineered into a soft format, and explore these materials as building blocks for soft electronics, nano electronics, and energy...

CCB Seminar

Zoom Seminar
  • Dr. William Noble, Professor, Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington

Engineering Correlation and Topology in Two-Dimensional Moire Superlattices: Nano Webinar Series

Zoom Session
  • Prof. Feng Wang, UC Berkeley, Physics
The zoom link for this meeting is Van der Waals heterostructures of atomically thin crystals offer an exciting new platform to design novel electronic and optical properties. In this talk, I will describe a general approach to engineer correlated and topological physics using moire superlattice in two dimensional...

Power at the Nanoscale: Speed, Strength and Efficiency in Biological Motors: Nano Webinar Series

Zoom Session
  • Prof. Carlos J. Bustamante, UC Berkeley, MCB and Physics and Chemistry
The zoom link for this event is The cell is not just a small bag with a concentrated solution of proteins and nucleic acids undergoing second order reactions. Cells have polarity, many cellular processes need to be directional, and these cannot occur by simple diffusion between reactants. Instead, the cell uses tiny...

RISE Seminar: Lessons from Large-Scale Cloud Software at Databricks

Soda Hall
  • Matei Zaharia, Stanford University
The cloud has become the most common way to deliver commercial software, but it requires building products in a very different way from traditional software, which has not been heavily studied in research. I will explain some of these challenges based on my experience at Databricks, a startup that provides a data analytics platform as a service on AWS and Azure. Databricks manages...

Splunk Info-Session

Via Zoom

Large-Scale Photonics for Quantum Information and Machine Learning: Nano Webinar Series

Zoom Session
  • Prof. Dirk Englund, MIT, EECS
The zoom link for this event is After decades of intensive theoretical and experimental efforts, the field of quantum information processing is at a critical moment: special-purpose quantum information processors are cutting into a regime of quantum complexity where classical computers can no longer predict their...

Fun Experiments You Can Only Do With Frogs: Nano Webinar Series

Zoom Session
  • Prof. Rebecca Heald, UC Berkeley, MCB
The zoom location for this meeting is To mediate chromosome segregation during cell division, the microtubule-based spindle size adapts to changes in cell size and shape, which vary dramatically across species and within a multicellular organism. However, the nature of scaling events and their underlying mechanisms are...