Jacobs Design Conversations: Camille Utterback

310 Jacobs Hall
Camille Utterback, Stanford professor and internationally acclaimed artist, will speak at Jacobs Hall about her pioneering work in the field of digital and interactive art.

Modeling (Human) Bias in Artificial Intelligence

430 (Woz) Soda Hall
  • Margaret Mitchell, Google
Human data brings with it human biases. Algorithms trained on that data can effectively perpetuate and amplify these biases, creating feedback loops that deepen social division. In this talk, I walk through how human bias is at play in the end-to-end machine learning cycle, and the effects this can have within society.

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar: EUV Lithography: the Road to HVM and Beyond

521 Hogan Room Cory Hall
  • Dr. Anthony Yen, ASML Lithography
Development of EUV lithography for high-volume manufacturing started in early 2000s. In 2018, 250W of source power became available in the field, giving EUV exposure systems a throughput of >140 wph at an exposure dose of 20 mJ/cm2. Concurrently, the rate of power degradation due to collector contamination has been driven down so that high system throughput can be maintained. Based on this and...

Toward Perfect 1D Conduction in Magnetic Topological Insulators: Nano Seminar Series

390 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
  • Prof. David Goldhaber-Gordon, Stanford University, Physics
I will explain what is "perfect" 1D conduction and describe several strategies for achieving it. Some require high magnetic fields and/or cryogenic temperatures, but there's now hope of achieving perfect 1D conduction at room temperature with no external magnetic field, through a phenomenon known as the quantum anomalous Hall effect. This effect was recently realized in thin films of Cr-doped...

Integrating Shared Autonomous Fleet Services in Urban Mobility: Dynamic

502 Davis Hall
  • Hani S. Mahmassani, Northwestern University
Northwestern University's Hani S. Mahmassani will present Integrating Shared Autonomous Fleet Services in Urban Mobility: Dynamic on October 19, 2018 at 4 p.m. in SPECIAL LOCATION 502 Davis Hall. Join us for cookies and beverages at 3:30 p.m.

Open Table Tech Talk

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
Do you love to eat? Do you love engineering? Join the OpenTable team for a tech talk to learn about the intersection of dining out and software engineering! Topics will include: - Query understanding - User intent Featuring Valerie Chen, Software Engineer at OpenTable & Berkeley EECS Alum. Snacks and refreshments will be provided!

Mathematical Theories of Communication: Old and New

Banatao Auditorium Sutardja Dai Hall
  • Madhu Sudan, Harvard University
Reliable and efficient digital communication is possible today largely due to some wonderful successes in mathematical modelling and analysis. A legendary figure in this space is Claude Shannon (1916-2001) who laid out the mathematical foundations of communication in his seminal 1948 treatise, where among other contributions he gave a mathematical definition of "entropy" and coined the now...

Design Field Notes: Diane Wang

220 Jacobs Hall
Diane Wang is a Lead UX Designer at Google’s Daydream Labs, leading rapid prototyping efforts for AR/VR.

Salesforce Info-Session

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
Heather Conklin, VP, Product Management, and summer 2018 APM interns will talk about the Associate Product Manager program at Salesforce, and the impact our inaugural class of APMs have had on the company. Our Futureforce University Recruiting Program is dedicated to attracting, retaining, and cultivating next-generation talent. Our interns and new graduates work in offices across the globe...