The Berkeley Campus is Open

Visit the UC Berkeley COVID-19 resources website for the latest testing and access information.  Cory and Soda Halls are open but we will likely have limited in-person/on-site staffing during the first two weeks of the Spring 2022 semester.  Although most classes will be conducted remotely during this time, we anticipate in-person instruction to resume on January 31st.


The Fab on the Beam: From Learning Physics to Automated Experiments in Electron Microscopy: Nano Seminar series

4 LeConte Hall
  • Dr. Sergei V. Kalinin, ORNL, Center for Nanophase Material Sciences
Machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) are rapidly becoming an indispensable part of physics research, with domain applications ranging from theory and materials prediction to high-throughput data analysis. However, the constantly emerging question is how to match the correlative nature of classical ML with hypothesis-driven causal nature of physical sciences. In parallel, the...

Imaging, Understanding, and Controlling Nanoscale Materials Transformations: Nano Seminar series

4 LeConte Hall
  • Prof. Haimei Zheng, LBNL, Materials Science Division
An understanding of nanoscale materials transformations is significant for the synthesis and applications of nanostructured materials. At the atomic level, heterogeneity and fluctuations may play a governing role in the transformation processes. The recent development of high-resolution liquid cell transmission electron microscopy (TEM) has enabled breakthroughs in our ability to follow the...

Sequence-Defined Chemical Polymers from a Repurposed Translation Machine: Nano Seminar series

4 LeConte Hall
  • Prof. Alanna Schepartz, UC Berkeley, Chemistry & MCB
One can imagine three different strategies to exploit the translational apparatus to biosynthesize sequence-defined chemical polymers that are not strictly L-alpha-amino acid oligomers. This lecture will describe recent progress and the relative merits of at least two of these different approaches. *********** Professor Schepartz's research group is interested in questions that span the...

Short Range Order and the Evolution of Deformation Mechanisms in Both High and Low Entropy Alloys: Nano Seminar series

4 LeConte Hall
  • Prof. Andrew M. Minor, UC Berkeley, Materials Science & Engineering
This talk will describe our recent results utilizing energy filtered diffraction, 4D-STEM and in situ TEM nanomechanical testing that provide insight into multiscale deformation phenomena in α-titanium and the CrCoNi medium entropy alloy. Using energy-filtered TEM and HRSTEM techniques it is possible to directly image, and therefore quantitatively assess, SRO and its effect on mechanical...

Taking a Closer Look at Artworks with Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: Nano Seminar series

4 LeConte Hall
  • Prof. Stephanie Zaleski, CSU East Bay, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Vibrational spectroscopy has become an indispensable tool for studying objects of cultural significance. In particular, Raman spectroscopy and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) can provide highly sensitive chemical information, often in a minimally invasive or non-invasive fashion, to inform art historical questions, conservation treatments, and preservation strategies. In the first...

Class of 2022 Engineering Master's Degree Commencement

UC Berkeley Greek Theatre
The College of Engineering will host a commencement ceremony for Master's degree graduates of the Class of 2022, their family and friends on Tuesday, May 17.