Between Shannon and Hamming: how bad can the channel be?: BLISS Seminar

540 Cory Hall
  • Anand Sarwate, Rutgers
The information theory community has traditionally studied two different models for communication. The Shannon-theoretic model treats the channel’s impact as random, so codes must correct almost all error patterns of a given weight; this is an average-case analysis. The coding-theoretic (Hamming-theoretic?) model treats the channel as adversarial, so codes must correct all error patterns of a...

Quantitative analysis of energy metabolism: Dr. Sheng Hui, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, Princeton University

101 Morgan Hall
Abstract: Mammals generate energy by burning dietary carbon into CO2. The largest calorie source for most mammals is carbohydrate, which is broken down into glucose in the small intestinal lumen. Glucose is then absorbed and circulates in the blood stream. To acquire energy, tissues are generally assumed to take in glucose and break it down to CO2 through the concerted action of glycolysis and...

BSAC Technology Seminar - Miniaturized Interfaces and Implants for Neural Applications and Bioelectronics Medicine

521 Cory Hall
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz, Dept. of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), Albert-Ludwig-University of Freiburg, Germany
Neural implants need to establish stable and reliable interfaces to the target structure for chronic application in neurosciences as well as in clinical applications. They have to record electrical neural signals, excite neural cells or fibers by means of electrical stimulation. In case of optogenetic experiments, optical stimulation by integrated light sources or waveguides must be integrated on...

Facebook Disaster Maps: Aggregate Insights for Crisis Response and Recovery

1011 Evans Hall
  • Shankar Iyer, Facebook
After a natural disaster or other crisis, humanitarian organizations need to know where affected people are located and what resources they need. While this information is difficult to capture quickly through conventional methods, aggregate usage patterns of social media apps like Facebook can help fill these information gaps. In this talk, I'll describe the data and methodology that power...
Abstract: To protect the host and maintain tissue homeostasis, the immune system responds not only to a vast array of pathogens, but also to environmental cues, for example, signals of tissue injury or changes in nutrient availability. Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) are a type of immune cell that play a role in maintaining a stable environment and barrier in mucosal tissues but can also promote...

Zillow Group Info-Session: Career Insights and Stories: Women in Software Engineering at Zillow Group

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
Speaker Bios Alyssa So (Associate Software Engineer, Zillow Group, San Francisco) Alyssa is an Associate Software Engineer at Zillow Group on the Premier Agent platform team as an Android developer, where she interned at the summer of 2017. She graduated from UC Berkeley that same year as a Theater and Performance Studies major with a minor in Computer Science. She loves how technology and...

AlphaStar: Mastering the Real-Time Strategy Game StarCraft II

250 Sutardja Dai Hall
  • Oriol Vinyals, Deepmind
Games have been used for decades as an important way to test and evaluate the performance of artificial intelligence systems. As capabilities have increased, the research community has sought games with increasing complexity that capture different elements of intelligence required to solve scientific and real-world problems...

Solid State Technology and Devices Seminar: Solar to Chemical Energy Conversion

The Hogan Room, 521 Cory Hall
  • Joel W. Ager, Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
If renewable power sources such as solar and wind could be used to produce chemical precursors and/or fuels, it would provide an alternative to mankind’s currently unsustainable use of fossil fuels and slow the rate of CO2 emission into the atmosphere. Analogous to photovoltaics, driving the thermodynamically uphill redox reactions required for net solar to chemical energy conversion necessitates...