UC Berkeley Startup Fair

Pauley Ballroom Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union
The UCB Startup Fair offers students a unique opportunity to discover and interact with small tech companies that are hiring for internships and full-time positions. It is an excellent event for independent and entrepreneurial students who are looking to explore the challenges and excitement of working in a close-knit startup environment.

Affirm Info-Session

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall

CITRIS Research Exchange - Sarah Kurtz

Banatao Auditorium Sutardja Dai Hall
Creating Positive Feedback Loops to Accelerate the Energy Transition About the Talk Photovoltaic solar electricity has grown much faster than was expected. Continuation of the historical growth rate would enable solar to generate as much electricity as the entire world uses by ~ 2030. California, in particular, has taken a leading role; 19% of electricity generated in 2018 in the state of...

AI Governance: Mitigating Misuse Potential

Great Hall, Bancroft Hotel
  • Rosie Campbell, The Partnership on AI
  • Allan Dafoe, Oxford University’s Centre for the Governance of AI
  • Irene Solaiman, OpenAI
  • Jaan Tallinn, Future of Life Institute, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
  • Jessica Cussins Newman, UC Berkeley AI Security Initiative
Artificial intelligence (AI)’s rapid development brings both incredible opportunities and grave societal challenges. The transformational nature of AI is only expected to increase into the future, making questions of governance not only urgent, but also uniquely challenging. How can we encourage widespread innovation and access while simultaneously addressing risks related to safety, security,...

Palo Alto Networks Info-Session: Secure the Future. Secure Your Career.

Wozniak Lounge (430) Soda Hall
Are you interested in a career Product Management and want to join the world's leading cybersecurity company? Palo Alto Networks is hiring graduates to join the Product Management Academy program, an accelerated onboarding and development program designed to arm you with what you need to be exceptional product leaders of our future. Please join us for an

Electrical Control of Interlayer Exciton Dynamics in Semiconducting Atomically Thin Heterostructures: Nano Seminar Series

4 LeConte Hall
  • Prof. Luis A. Jauregui, UC Irvine, Physics
Van der Waals heterostructures constructed of 2-dimensional (2-D) materials such as single layer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) have sparked wide interest because of their large excitonic binding energy, allowing the exploration of novel quantum optical effects in a solid-state system and new opto-electronic devices. In this talk, I will discuss our results in van der Waals...

Dissertation talk: Structured Models for Vision-and-Language Reasoning

1th floor Berkeley Way West
  • Ronghang Hu, Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) Lab
With the help of larger datasets and more computation resources, we have witnessed significant progress in joint visual and linguistic reasoning (such as referring expression comprehension, visual question answering and embodied instruction following). However, is solving these vision-and-language tasks as simple as making the models larger and training them on more data?...