Campus Shutdown Notice

In light of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have decided to close our administrative offices starting Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice.  Cory and Soda Hall are closed.  Classes are being held remotely.  All events in Cory and Soda Halls will either be cancelled or held remotely, and staff will be working remotely during this time.


Dissertation Talk: Millivolt Micro-Electro-Mechanical Relay Devices and Circuits

  • Alice Ye
Micro-electro-mechanical (MEM) switches have attracted growing interest for ultra-low-power computing applications. This talk introduces an improved design of a body-biased MEM switch to enable the demonstration of the first sub-50 mV MEM digital integrated digital circuits. A novel MEM relay design using negative stiffness beams is also examined.

Delivery and Antiparasitic Antimonial Therapy Using Biomaterial Nanoparticles: Nano Seminar Series

Zoom Session
  • Prof. Timothy Johnstone, UC Santa Cruz, Chemistry & Biochemistry Leishmaniasis is a neglected tropical disease that is endemic to 98 countries and claims tens of thousands of lives each year. Of the handful of drugs available to treat infection with Leishmania spp., two contain the main-group element antimony: meglumine antimoniate and sodium stibogluconate.

Dissertation Talk: The Design of Any Scale Serverless Infrastructure with Rich Consistency Guarantees

  • Chenggang Wu
Serverless computing has gained significant attention over the last few years, as it allows developers without deep systems expertise to harness the power of the cloud. However, there exists significant challenges around performance, cost-efficiency, and data consistency that prevent the adoption of serverless infrastructure. In this talk, I will present a line of research that addresses these...

Dissertation Talk: A Language-Based Approach to Smart Contract Engineering

  • Jack Kolb
Blockchain-based smart contracts have emerged as a popular means of enforcing agreements among a collection of parties without a prior assumption of trust. However, it has proven difficult to write correct contracts that are robust when operating in the adversarial environment of public blockchains. My research evaluates the ability of a domain-specific contract programming language to support...

BIDS-BCHSI Research Xchange Forum

Virtual Participation via Zoom
This Forum is an open discussion platform for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and research at the intersection of healthcare and data science. Meetings are held monthly on first Mondays at 12:30-1:30 PM Pacific. Register to receive schedule and access links.

CCB Seminar: From genomes to genealogies: mapping the history of humans and their genetic variation using ancient and modern genomes

Zoom Seminar
  • Dr. Simon Myers, Professor, Department of Statistics, Oxford University
Abstract: Genetic variation is shaped through evolutionary processes acting on our genomes over hundreds of millennia, including past migrations, isolation by distance, population bottlenecks, and natural selection. Such events are reflected in the genealogical trees that relate individuals back in time. We have developed an approach, Relate, to reconstruct such genealogies from genetic...

Berkeley Conversations — COVID-19 Misinformation: Understanding and Seeking Truth during a Pandemic

  • Nick Adams, Founder & Chief Scientist of Goodly Labs
  • Hany Farid, Professor, professor with joint appointments in UC Berkeley's School of Information and department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic continues to create confusion and contention along scientific and political lines. In this conversation, Berkeley faculty will help us understand the nature of misinformation in order to assess, evaluate and engage more effectively with the information resources we consult. They will discuss some of the reasons for the rapid spread of misinformation,...

BSAC Seminar: Personalized Cancer Therapy Through In Vivo Sensing

  • Mekhail Anwar, MD PhD, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
Register to attend at: We will discuss how to personalize cancer therapy through the development of new IC-based platforms for interfacing with cells and molecules within tissue. Our group is developing an in vivo wireless biopsy: a network of millimeter scale imaging “motes'' implanted in the tumor...