Campus Reopening Notice

Starting June 16th, vaccinated EECS faculty, staff, and students can voluntarily return to their offices, labs and other research spaces in Cory and Soda Halls if they follow the procedures outlined in the EECS Safety Manual.  Building restrictions for non-affiliated collaborators, event attendees, and visitors will continue but be loosened over time. Cory and Soda Halls will open during the first week in August.  We are not hosting events or activities until we receive more clarity about regulatory requirements and are able to resume full operations. Most employees will return to campus on July 12th, and in-person instruction will resume for the Fall semester on August 25th, unless otherwise specified by campus. Please continue to check the University Coronavirus Updates and Resources for latest information.


Neyman seminar

Evans Hall
  • Elizabeth A. Stuart, Johns Hopkins University

Chemical Recycling of Mechanically Robust Polyacetals Synthesized by Living Cationic Ring-Opening Polymerization: Nano Seminar series

4 LeConte Hall
  • Prof. Brooks Abel, UC Berkeley, Chemistry
Chemical recycling of polymers to monomer (CRM) is one of the most attractive methods to retain value in polymer materials during the recycling process. Polymers with low to moderate ceiling temperatures (Tc) are often employed in applications where recycling by depolymerization is desired. Polyacetals are a promising class of chemically recyclable polymers that exhibit a wide range of ceiling...

Fung Fellowship Application Due

2451 Ridge Road, Shire Hall (Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership)
Fung Fellowship applications due on Friday, February 18, 2022 Looking to work at the intersection of technology, design, public health and/or conservation? The Fung Fellowship is a unique opportunity for rising juniors and seniors to create impact-driven solutions to real-world challenges alongside our community and industry partners Express interest and learn more:...

Short Range Order and the Evolution of Deformation Mechanisms in Both High and Low Entropy Alloys: Nano Seminar series

4 LeConte Hall
  • Prof. Andrew M. Minor, UC Berkeley, Materials Science & Engineering
This talk will describe our recent results utilizing energy filtered diffraction, 4D-STEM and in situ TEM nanomechanical testing that provide insight into multiscale deformation phenomena in α-titanium and the CrCoNi medium entropy alloy. Using energy-filtered TEM and HRSTEM techniques it is possible to directly image, and therefore quantitatively assess, SRO and its effect on mechanical...