2018 CS Education Day participants

CS Education Day

UC Berkeley's Computer Science Education Day is part of the national CS Education Week. This event aims to inspire and motivate High School students to learn more about computer science, the opportunities it affords them, and exciting research and educational activities occurring on the UC Berkeley campus.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018
8:30 am to 3:15 pm

The goals of CS Ed Day are to:

  • Describe the myriad of opportunities for which computer science education prepares K-12 students, into higher education and their careers
  • Provide information and activities for students, educators, parents, and IT professionals to advocate for computer science education at all levels, and
  • Eliminate misperceptions about computer science and computing careers.

The faculty, students and staff in Berkeley's computer science community look forward to welcoming a diverse group of participants to learn about the possibilities of computing and to engage in demonstrations, interactive labs, lunch, and more.

We do not allow individual registration for this event. Schools are invited through the local Computer Science Teachers Association network.

For more information, please contact Heather Levien, heather@berkeley.edu

Sample Schedule

8:30 AM Arrival & Registration

All teachers are responsible for providing transportation for their students. Those arriving by BART will be met by UC Berkeley staff and students and escorted to 150 Wheeler Hall.

Please plan to arrive at the BART station no later than 8:30am. Those coming directly to campus should plan to arrive at 8:30am.


  • Professor Dan Garcia, ACM Distinguished Educator 
  • Professor Phil KaminskyExecutive Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Dr. Omoju Miller, Senior Data Scientist
  • Renaldo Williams, Graduate Student

Plenary Session

A complimentary lunch will be provided by the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department

Hands-On Interactive Sessions

3:15pm Program Close

Please make arrangements to attend the full duration of the event

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