CS Scholars Cohort 1 – Fall 2013

It was CS Scholars that got me well-informed of everything going on inside the cs community. Thanks to this program, I actually feel part of a big community and have my goals in cs all planned out. Wei Song

The Scholars program has made me feel like I’m at the centre of the CS community at Berkeley, whereas I know others who feel like a drop in the ocean. Ollie O’Donnell

It’s very possible to feel alone and helpless in such a large class and an ostensibly daunting department, but thankfully I’ll never know the feeling because of CS Scholars. Mona Lee
CS Scholars, above all else, has made me realize that despite the situation, there will always be people willing to assist each other through whatever endeavors pursued. Jessica Yanling Zhuge
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It is really to cool to work with so many cool friends who share the same cool interest! Huirong (Ronnie) Zhu
The weekly CS Scholars discussion sections are a great way to get a new perspective on CS as a field in the Berkeley community and the Bay Area as a whole. Tara Rezvani

CS Scholars provides me with support and learning opportunities that I would not have received otherwise. It helps make me feel like I am not just another person lost in the crowd. Karishma Morabia
The CS Scholars program provided me with a smooth introduction to CS and also gave me the opportunity to receive a greater amount of help and attention in my core Computer Science classes. Jay Iyer

It’s a great feeling to know that there are people here to support me, along with a community to go through this journey with. Carmen Tang

It was really great having this opportunity to meet other CS students who are interested in discussing similar CS-related topics in seminar. Doris Lee
CS Scholars has been incredibly rewarding in helping me explore fun programming projects outside of class and develop close friendships with other CS students. Sebastian Shanus
I really enjoyed discovering my learning strengths and goals, while meeting a friendly, intellectual group of classmates to study with! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in CS. Michelle Koo

I have made connections on a more personal level with many of my fellow members, which allows me to more effectively discuss ideas, collaborate, study, and grow in the field of CS. Meg Holtzinger