Fall 2018 CS Scholars

CS Scholars Program

The CS Scholars Program at UC Berkeley is a community in which students can learn and grow together. The EECS Center for Student Affairs (CSA) recognizes the unique challenges that students from under-resourced and low opportunity communities face at the university and in computer science therefore our goal is to provide a supportive network in which students can thrive.

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Program Impact

Collaborative problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders, the CS Scholars Program at Cal is making waves. The CS Scholars Program has:

  • Served more than 500 students over 12 cohorts
  • Featured guest speakers from noteworthy industry, research, and education organizations
  • Facilitated field visits to local CS-based sites
  • Supported student travel to professional conferences
  • Partnered with companies like EA, Microsoft, and Google to place student interns

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Our Students

CS Scholars purposes to provide equitable access to computer science education and support to a diverse student body. Our goal is to close the gaps in preparation and provide opportunities for success.


In the face of adversity, our scholars represent some of the most outstanding talent. We aim to attract and retain the brightest and diverse students with tools to help them succeed.

How we stand out:

  • CS Scholars outperform students in the general population in CS 61A by 19%
  • CS Scholars outperform students in the general population in CS 61B by 11%
  • CS Scholars maintain a higher GPA overall than general class

Who we serve:




























Applications and Deadlines

The Spring 2021 Application Period is Open!

CS Scholars is a first-year student support program intended to serve those from under-represented communities who have had little or no exposure to Computer Science. A learning community, CS Scholars integrates several components of support to meet the academic, social, and developmental needs of students intending to study Computer Science. Those components include:

  • Cohort-style course discussions
  • CS Scholars only seminars for personal and professional development
  • Solidarity and community building activities
  • Dedicated CS Scholars Advising

The application deadline is Friday, October 30, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Applicants will be notified on Wednesday, November 11, 2020.

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Become a Partner

We invite your organization to adopt a Cohort of CS Scholars. This will allow you access to a talented pool of diverse, professional and collaborative computer scientists. As a CS Scholars Cohort Partner, we will help you arrange a campus visit to meet with your cohort and will assist you in coordinating site visits for your cohort to your site. We will also help you locate possible interns through the program. To adopt a cohort, please go to the CS Scholars Donation Page and in the Special instructions or designations for this gift box indicate that you would like to "Adopt-a-Cohort" through the CS Scholars Program.

Support CS Scholars

Your donation to CS Scholars supports our members by providing funding for academic opportunities such as tutoring and advising, community-building opportunities such as peer mentoring, professional development and funding for students to travel to attend national research conferences. Support the CS Scholars Program with a donation

CS Scholars Program: Armando Fox

Celebrating Diversity in Computer Science!

CS Scholars celebrating diversity at the BESSA and BGESS 50th and 30th year anniversaries event on Saturday, February 10th, 2018. Seen below chatting with Dr. Gary May, an EECS graduate from UC Berkeley, former Dean of Engineering at Georgia Tech and current Chancellor at UC Davis.

Meet Our Staff

Faculty Advisor: Armando Fox

Program Director: Audrey Sillers

Program Associate Director: Charlene Duncan

Seminar Facilitator: Krista Schnell