General Advice and Information

  • You can view your schedule and assignments on the sign up sheet that has been shared with you
  • When you are ready to participate, use the LinkTree document to access the appropriate Zoom room.  You should leave the LinkTree document open in a browser window to reference  during the entirety of the conference.
  • Plan to arrive early for Job Talk Starts sessions.  Participants will only have 7 minutes to give their presentation.  Sessions will be begin on time whether all of the mentors have arrived or not because multiple participants will need to be accommodated during the hour.
  • The same 8 rooms will be used for both days of Job Talk Starts sessions

1:1 Mentoring Sessions

  • The mentoring sessions are loosely structured to allow participants to take the lead
  • Participants may want to receive feedback on their teaching, research, and/or diversity statements, or they may ask questions about the faculty search process, interviewing, starting up a research program, and a variety of other topics
  • Participants have been instructed to screen share any documents they would like you to look at during the session

Job Talk Starts

  • Each Zoom Room will have 4-5 participants  presenting talks and 2-3 faculty mentors providing feedback. It’s possible there will be additional faculty from both our department and Rising Star partner institutions who pop in just to listen.
  • If there is at least one faculty mentor present, the session will begin on time. Late mentors can join in when they arrive.
  • Participants will present the first 7 minutes of their job talk, accompanied by their slides
  • Mentors will have 5 minutes in which to provide feedback
  • The job talk should introduce the participant and provide an overview of their research contributions, goals, and long-term vision
  • Participants have the option to record their own job talks and feedback
  • There are breaks between Job Talk Starts sessions to give everyone a chance to clear out before people start arriving for the new session
  • Staff present in each Zoom room will:
    • explain the process

    • time the 7-minute talk and 5-minute feedback segments (each partipant will have no longer than 12 minutes for the duration of their two-segment session)

    • cut off participants and mentors when their time is up

    • instruct each person to take their turn based on the designated order of presenters (if a participant is not present, they will be skipped and the next person will present–the missing participant can present when they arrive)

    • remind each participant to record their own (and only their own) presentation and feedback session before they begin

    • keep to the schedule to ensure that all 5 participants have a full 12 minutes for their session

    • Staff can download and personalize a volunteer checklist to help them through their sessions