1. Subsidized Stafford Loan Program

    These conditions and terms apply to new borrowers.if you already have outstanding Stafford, SLS, or PLUS loans, other conditions may apply. Please contact the Cal Student Central Office at 120 Sproul.

    The Federal Direct Loan Program consists of two types of loans:

    1. Subsidized Federal Direct Loans. Borrowers of subsidized direct loans do not incur the interest during school and specified deferment periods.
    2. Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans. Borrowers of unsubsidized loans are responsible for all interest charges. The interest accrues from the time the loan is issued, is capitalized once a year, and results in the compounding of interest during subsequent years in school.

    Because unsubsidized loans can eventually accrue a lot of interest, the Financial Aid Office strongly encourages you to borrow as little as possible. Another strategy is to delay accepting your unsubsidized loan until later in the year, after you have a better idea of what you really need, and whether or not you will be receiving other resources (i.e. Department Awards, GSI or GSR appointments, etc.). The advantage of delaying your acceptance is that will not accrue interest until the loan is disbursed.

  2. Emergency Loans

    Students may also be eligible for small emergency loans. There are two types available:

    1. Living Expense Loan: This loan is available to eligible registered students; the maximum amount is $775. If approved, you’ll receive a paper check payable to you. You can use your loan to help with short-term financial difficulties such as paying for rent, books, or travel while you are waiting for your financial aid to pay out.
    2. CoPayable Loan for Fees: This loan is available to eligible unregistered students; the amount is $1,300. This loan is to help you become registered by making the minimum payment toward your registration fees. The minimum registration amount is set each year in collaboration with the Registrar’s Office. You will receive a paper check that is payable to you and UC Regents. You endorse the check, and as a service to you, we deliver the check to the Billing and Payment Service Office for processing. You will become registered in three business days.