At Berkeley, Teaching Assistants are given the official title of Graduate Student Instructor (GSI). A half-time (20 hours per week) GSI (TA) appointment typically entails responsibility for two discussion or three laboratory sections per week, holding office hours, preparation and grading of assignments and examinations, and other duties as assigned by the faculty member in charge of the course.

Appointments for EE courses are handled by Professor Babak Ayazifar (517 Cory Hall,, assisted by Patrick Hernan (215 Cory Hall, hernan@eecs, 642-9265).

Appointments for CS courses are handled by Professor Dan Garcia (777 Soda Hall,, assisted by Glenna Anton (215 Cory Hall, ganton@eecs, 642-6285).

EECS graduate students will be notified by e-mail of the application deadline and assignments. The online application links can be found in our guide for prospective ASEs.

  1. Minimum Requirements

    In order to be a GSI (TA), students must be registered and carry a minimum load of 12 units, have a GPA of at least 3.0, have no more than two Incomplete grades, and be making satisfactory progress towards their degree goal.

  2. Required Course in Teaching

    New ASE Orientation: All individuals whose GSI (TA) appointment is also their first ASE (Academic Student Employee) assignment are required to attend a New ASE Orientation sponsored by the Office of Labor Relations for the semester they have been appointed. Individuals will not be eligible for ASE appointments in subsequent terms until this requirement has been completed.

    300-level Seminar: All UCB students appointed as GSIs (TAs) must enroll in a 300-level seminar on teaching concurrent with or prior to their first appointment as a GSI (TA) at Berkeley. These courses provide unit credit for preparation for teaching. GSIs (TAs) in EECS are required to complete the course EE 375, while CS students must complete CS 375, Teaching Techniques for Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Since most graduate students have never taught before, EE 375 is an invaluable tool presenting effective teaching techniques, alternative forms of instruction, and special methods for teaching key concepts to EECS undergraduates. EE 375 takes the form of weekly seminars and discussions led by departmental faculty and experienced GSIs (TAs).

    Teaching Conference: First-time GSIs (TAs) must attend the Teaching Conference for new GSIs (TAs), offered by the GSI Teaching and Resource Center each semester before classes begin. International GSIs (TAs) appointed for the first time must also attend the teaching conference for new international GSIs (TAs) offered prior to the start of each semester. Pedagogy is the focus of this conference.

    Online Course: First-time GSIs (TAs) must successfully complete an online course on professional standards and ethics in teaching by the end of the third week of classes. To enroll in the online course, please visit the GSI Teaching and Resource Center’s website.

    Additional resources and information for GSIs (TAs) can be found at the GSI Teaching and Resource Center in 301 Sproul Hall.

    For detailed information regarding GSI (TA) appointments, please consult Grad Division Teaching and Research Appointments.