The Department has access to a variety of university, federal, and industrial fellowships. Most fellowships are for one year and are awarded to entering students for their first year of study. However, a few scholarships and awards are reserved for continuing students, and these are usually awarded in late spring. EECS Competitions Committees screen nominations for certain external fellowships for which application deadlines are announced. For more information, students should speak with the Executive Director of the Center for Student Affairs, Susanne Kauer, in 221 Cory. The Graduate Division Fellowships Office also maintains an index of other fellowships.

  1. National Fellowships for EECS Students

    There are a number of external fellowship opportunities available for first-year continuing graduate students.

  2. Graduate Division Fellowships

    The Graduate Division maintains several different fellowships. For the most up to date list of available fellowships and their requirements, please refer to the Grad Division Fellowships website.