Fill out Application for Advancement to Candidacy for the Ph.D., have your Dissertation Chair sign it, and take it to your staff Graduate Advisor. The fee for Advancement to Candidacy is $90. If you are an NSF recipient, the fee may be waived. Please also note that students cannot advance to candidacy without an approved White Card on file.

Students must file the advancement form in the Graduate Office no later than the end of the semester following the one in which the Qualifying Exam was passed. In approving this application, Graduate Division approves your dissertation committee and will send you a Certificate of Candidacy. You would be eligible for a GSR pay increase by bringing this Certificate as proof of your passing the Qual exam to the ERSO/Team 2 Payroll Office, 199M Cory Hall. (See the Reduction in Nonresident Tuition section.)

Students who plan to use  human  subjects in their research must take the online Collaborative IRB Training Initiative course and print out the Course Completion Record to be submitted with their candidacy application.

Candidacy forms submitted without the CITI Course Completion Record will be returned to the student and will not be processed. Delays in your advancement to candidacy limit your actual time as a candidate and may jeopardize your full eligibility for the Doctoral Completion Fellowship, if in a qualified major.