The Department undertakes a systematic review of the status of all graduate students each year. The faculty of the EE Division conduct an annual review, generally in mid-April, as well as a late fall “mini-review” of students having academic difficulties and those whose spring review letters required some action on the student’s part. The faculty of the CS Division jointly review all CS students in mid-November and in mid-April.

Before the spring review, EE students meet with their Faculty Advisor, discuss their progress and return a summary sheet to the EE Graduate Office. Each semester, CS students meet with their Faculty Advisor and submit their review forms to the CS Graduate Office.

At the review, the faculty jointly try to confirm the status of each student. A primary task is to identify students we are concerned about: students who don’t have a Faculty Advisor, who have failed the department’s oral preliminary examination, who have been unable to make progress in research, have uncertain financial support, etc.

After the review, each student is sent a letter summarizing what the faculty has concluded. If you do not receive a letter after the review, you should let your staff Graduate Advisor know. It is possible the letter got lost in the mail, or you got lost in the system. For instructions and forms, see Ph.D. Student Review.