Beginning Fall 2016, Graduate Division’s policy is that any current graduate student wishing to change their department or add a degree in a different department (e.g. a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering wishing to add the MS program in CS) must do so by submitting an application as though they were an incoming applicant. EECS receives many of these applications, and we will ask you to submit them by our regular, annual deadline, which is December 15.  Your application will then be considered as part of our application pool, though a distinct part.

The EECS Department asks that internal Berkeley applicants submit three letters of recommendation, including one from an EECS faculty member who would be your Faculty Advisor in the department; a current Berkeley transcript; an undergraduate transcript; a personal statement and a copy of the GRE scores submitted at the time you first applied to UC Berkeley as a grad student (or a newer set if you choose to take the exam again).  The letter from our faculty member should clarify what your funding source will be.  In general, M.S. students in our department do not receive funding; having a funding source outside EECS will generally be a point in your favor.