Registration is a two-part process that consists of enrolling in classes and paying your fees.

You will be able to enroll in classes through CalCentral during your enrollment appointment. You can find your enrollment appointment in CalCentral, under the “My Academics” tab and “Class Enrollment.” As a new graduate student, your enrollment appointment should be in July or August. If you happen to miss your enrollment appointment, you may enroll during the adjustment period, which is also displayed under “Class Enrollment.”

The EE and CS Class Schedules provide course listings and the Berkeley Academic Guide also provides a  Class Schedule and Course Cataglogue with class descriptions. Students should plan on enrolling in at least 12 units in order to maintain full-time enrollment status during the fall and spring semesters. Generally, summer enrollment is ONLY required for exceptional cases (e.g., students that were on filing fee in spring and did not finish the degree, or international students that plan to work off-campus through Curricular Practical Training). It is recommended that students take 1-2 courses during a semester and enroll in research units for the remainder of their units.  If you are unsure about which classes to take, please contact your temporary faculty advisor. 

Students who have EECS Department support, such as a fellowship, GSI or GSR, will have their fees paid by the Department. Some students on external fellowships such as the NSF or NDSEG will also have their fees paid. Details of your fee payment status can be found under the “My Finances” tab in CalCentral.

Once you have enrolled in classes and your first installment or full fees have been paid, then you are officially registered for the semester.