The Center for Student Affairs

The Center for Student Affairs (CSA) staff in 205/215 Cory Hall is always here to help you. They are your best resources for any procedural or bureaucratic questions you might have throughout your academic career. The Center for Student Affairs is open from 9 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 4 pm.

Desk Space

Please ask your faculty advisor for information about your new work area. Please notify EECS Department Facilities if there are any changes to your work area.

Building Access

After you get your Cal 1 Card, please follow the instructions in the EECS Safety Manual to obtain a new card key.  You will need an email from your sponsor/safety officer/space manager listing your name, the buildings and rooms you may access, your desk number (if applicable), and the the date your access expires.   You must complete all of the 2021 Building Access Safety Requirements including obtaining a Green Access Badge from UHS.  Basic graduate student level clearance includes access to EECS buildings, grad student offices, conference rooms, and lounges. Access to research labs and other restricted spaces will require authorization from your advisor and/or lab PI. If you find your card is not working at any time, please visit the front desk at 387 Soda Hall or email


EECS graduate student mailboxes are by request only. This mailbox is for academic mail only (no personal mail). All journals, bank statements, junk mail, etc. should be sent to your home address. To request a mailbox, email your Graduate Staff Advisor.

It is very important that the words “EE GRAD” or “CS GRAD” appear in your address because the mail arrives in the main office and is sorted into your folder. Your mail should be addressed like this:

Your Name, CS Graduate Student
U.C. Berkeley
EECS Department
396 Soda Hall #1776
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776


Your Name, EE Graduate Student
U.C. Berkeley
EECS Department
253 Cory Hall #1772
Berkeley, CA 94720-1772