Sibley Auditorium

Bechtel Engineering Center
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94709

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Directions to Sibley Auditorium

Sibley Auditorium is located inside the Bechtel Engineering Center on the north side of the UC Berkeley Campus, adjacent to Davis Hall and across from the Hearst Mining Building.


Follow the directions to Cory Hall. A public parking lot is located underneath the new Maxwell Family Field on Gayley Road. From the parking garage wallk back on Gayley Road towards Hearst Ave. Enter the East Gate entrance to the campus, walk down the road to the Hearst Mining Circle.Turn right on the road between the Hearst Mining Circle and Evans Hall. The Bechtel Engineering Center building will be on your left after Evans. Follow the signs to Sibley Auditorium.

From Soda and Cory Halls:

On the right side of the Cory Hall building take the stairs and follow the signs.

Alternate route: Enter Cory Hall, walk to the end of the hallway. Take the elevators located at the right to the basement level. Exit out of the basement and keep walking until you see the glass double doors on the right. That is the entrance to the Bechtel Engineering Center. Enter through those doors, walk all the way down the hallway through another set of double doors and you will see Sibley Auditorium.

From the Lower Hearst Parking Structure (Hearst and Euclid):
Enter through North Gate. Take the path to the left and you will see Sutardja Dai Hall straight ahead. Stay on the path and go right, Sutardja Dai Hall wtill be on your left. Before the pathway starts to go down the stairs, turn left to the Bechtel Engineering Center.

Signs to Sibley Auditorium will be posted.