The Fall 2024 Admission application is now open

The Fall 2024 Graduate Admission application for EECS is now open. Interested applicants must submit an official application through the UC Berkeley Graduate Division websiteThe deadline to apply is December 11, 2023, at 8:59 pm PST.

  1. Prepare your required materials. Details can be found on the Graduate Division website.
    • GRE Scores – NOT required; but recommended if your GPA is < 3.0
    • Statement of Purpose – Why are you applying for this program? What will you do during this degree program? What do you want to do after and how will this help you?
    • Personal History Statement – What from your past made you decide to go into this field? How will your personal history help you succeed in this program and your future goals?
    • 3 Letters of Recommendation –  Academic and/or industry references that can attest to both your research ability and technical knowledge are ideal. They should include details about your goals, accomplishments, technical and leadership skills,academic work, etc. We suggest to give your recommenders a few weeks to write your letters and upload them as PDFs through the link (provided from your online application). One of these letters MUST be from your MS research advisor and must explicitly state a commitment to advising, if admitted.
    • Unofficial Transcripts – Please do not mail transcripts. Simply upload unofficial transcripts as PDFs through the online application. Transcripts not in English or Spanish must be translated prior to uploading to the application.
    • GPA – Enter your cumulative GPA from your transcript, your 2 year GPA (all courses starting your third year), and your major GPA (all EE/CS courses). Helpful calculator
    • Draft Course of Study Plan – Please upload theDraft Course of Study Plan for 5th Year B.S/M.S. to the application (optional).
  2. Complete the online application
    • Start your application and fill in each relevant page.
    • Upload the materials above, and send the recommender email links several weeks prior to the application deadline to give your recommenders time to submit their letters by the deadline.
  3. Pay the application fee (waivers available).
  4. Submit your online application by the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.