Academic Year 2024-25

Integrated circuit design and engineering is more critical than ever. With a slowing of Moore’s law and end of Dennard scaling, challenges abound to deliver ever increasing performance and power efficiency. Apple has long recognized these challenges and develops world-class silicon for its products. Apple’s Hardware Technologies (HWT) team is very excited to renew the Integrated Systems 5th-Year Masters scholarship program at UC Berkeley. This program recognizes a few top students with expressed interest in IC engineering, SoC design, verification, test, RF, analog, mixed signal circuits and computer architecture. This unique and highly selective program provides both a summer internship at Apple and financial support covering the costs of the 5th year masters degree at Berkeley. To be eligible, you should be a currently enrolled full-time undergraduate student at the EECS Department at U.C. Berkeley.

Academic expectations of an Apple Masters Scholar in Integrated Systems include admission to the 5th Year EECS M.S. program and continuing towards completion of the masters degree, serving as a TA for 1 semester per EECS Department recommendation, and continued enrollment in courses related to IC engineering / computer architecture. Students will receive up to two-semesters of funding, based on continued fulfillment of a sequence in IC engineering / computer architecture courses.


Apply Here:


An application is required and finalists will be interviewed as part of the evaluation process.

  • Application open: August 23, 2023
  • Application deadline: October 1, 2023 at 11:59 PM PDT
    • Typical internship timing is summer of 2024
    • Typical applications are received fall of senior year. Advanced juniors may apply as well, and potentially be considered for an extra internship, in addition to the normal application cycle.
  • Finalist interviews: October and November 2023
  • Decisions back: February 2024


How are Apple Masters Scholars in Integrated Systems selected?

Berkeley evaluates all applicants against a number of criteria. This includes past expressed interest in courses, research, and/or internships in the areas of IC engineering, SoC design, verification, test, RF, analog, mixed signal circuits and computer architecture. Furthermore, we are looking for top students who wish to continue to study in these areas. Berkeley and Apple are both interested in working towards achieving the benefits of a broadly diverse student scholarship group. Students selected as finalists will be informed and interviews will be scheduled. Feedback from these interviews will also be considered in the selection process. Berkeley will make final decisions on award recipients according to the outlined schedule.  Note that it is possible to be offered an internship without designation as an Apple Masters Scholar. Apple will coordinate with students directly on all internship opportunities.

How many Apple Scholars in Integrated Systems are there?

As of Fall 2023 there will be up to four (4) 5th Year Masters scholarships awarded per year at Berkeley.

I already have an internship lined up with another company for next summer, can I still apply?

Apple runs internships all year long, and so alignment of internships at Apple with any Berkeley semester is possible. In some cases, six-month internships are also possible.

Can I intern at Apple more than once?

If you and your manager agree and the timing works out, we would love to have you back for multiple internships.

Can I apply to this Scholarship if I have not yet been admitted to the 5th Year M.S. program?

We understand that the deadline for the application is before the announcement of the admissions decisions for the 5th Year M.S. Program. Students applying to the Apple scholarship and who are eligible for the 5th Year M.S. program must apply to both by their respective deadlines. The EECS department will review their Masters application concurrently with their Apple scholarship application. Awarding the scholarship is contingent upon admission to the 5th Year M.S. Program. If you have not already, it is recommended that you begin discussions with possible Masters advisors as soon as possible.

Whom should I contact with any additional questions?

For questions to the Apple team:

For questions about application procedures and timelines:

What courses are recommended?

Below are recommended courses for applicants expressing interest in IC engineering. Preference will be given to students who have already expressed interest through their course selection. Some of the recommended courses include:

  • EE105, EE 140/240A,  EE 240B,  EECS 151/251A, EECS 194/290C, EECS 251B, EE 241B, EE142,/242A, EE113
  • CS152/252A, CS61C
  • Post tapeout board bring up class (EECS 194)
  • EE143, EE244, EE240C


  • The Fellowships are for students who are enrolled full-time at Berkeley.
  • Students who currently hold another industry-sponsored full-fellowship will not be considered.
  • Current Apple employees and household members are not eligible.


  • Name (first and last)
  • Email
  • Year (Junior, Senior)
  • A current copy of your resume or CV, including links to any publications if appropriate
  • A current copy of your unofficial transcript, with GPA
  • Name of your masters degree advisor (or proposed advisor)
  • Expected internship year and term (Summer, Fall, Spring). Summer preferred.
  • Upload a statement of academic and career interests
    • In 500 words or fewer, please describe why & how you’re interested in IC Engineering, SoC design, Verification, Test, RF, Analog, Mixed Signal Circuit, and Computer Architecture.
    • Include which area(s) and classes of EECS interest you most academically and professionally
    • Also describe any work you’ve done up to this point that you think is relevant to future work in ICs