Principles of Community

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) at UC Berkeley recognizes that a welcoming and supportive environment is vital for all members of our community to thrive. Therefore, our department fosters an inclusive culture in which every individual is respected regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, identity, socioeconomic status, and country of origin. We recognize that exposure to a diversity of perspectives enriches the overall academic experience for our students and prepares them to become leaders in our global society.

We adhere to UC policies against discrimination and harassment, and affirm the campus’ Principles of Community. Regarding incidents of concern witnessed or experienced, we urge you to take advantage of resources available on-campus which offer guidance and support, and also to contact the department leadership (listed below). We will treat your concerns about discrimination or harassment with discretion, while adhering to university policies and laws. While we respect the privacy of individuals, the department is required by law to inform the appropriate university authority in cases involving certain serious potential violations of UC or campus policy.

The EECS Department has a zero-tolerance policy; any harassment or discriminatory behavior that is brought to our attention is reported promptly to university authorities.

Contacts for general concerns in the EECS Department:

  • Professor Jitendra Malik, EECS Department Chair (malik@cs)
  • Professor Jan Rabaey, EE Division Chair (jan@eecs)
  • Professor James Demmel, CS Division Chair (demmel@cs)

Contacts for student matters:

  • Susanne Kauer, Executive Director of Student Affairs
  • Tiffany Reardon, Director of Diversity

Contacts for faculty matters:

  • Professor Jitendra Malik, EECS Department Chair
  • Professor Kathy Yelick, Faculty Equity Advisor
  • Professor Ming Wu, Faculty Equity Advisor

Contacts for staff matters:

  • Josephine Williamson, EECS Director of Operations