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Guide for Prospective ASEs (Academic Student Employees)

ASEs (Academic Student Employees) include TAs (previously GSIs), UCS2s (previously UGSIs), Readers, and UCS1s. Teaching is an integral part of solidifying one's grasp of a subject. We catalyze the learning experience by providing teaching opportunities to our graduate and undergraduate students, supporting our course staff, sharing ideas, and inspiring advances in teaching, learning, and research.


Applications and Deadlines

Students apply to all TA, UCS2, Reader, and UCS1 positions through one universal application. If you wish to apply to additional positions, you may edit your previously submitted application. You do not need to submit a new application for every position. Please note that effective Fall 2023, EECS does not hire UGSIs. Undergraduate students may be considered for UCS2, Reader, and UCS1 appointments.

Please note that EECS policy permits students to hold one departmental ASE appointment per semester.

Apply for Spring 2024

Applications for Spring 2024 are now open.

The priority deadline is October 23, 2023. Students interested in an EECS ASE appointment must apply by October 30, 2023. If you are interested in applying for an ASE position for a Data course, please visit the Joining Data Course Staff web page. Contact if you have any questions about ASE positions for Data courses.

UCS2 Partial Fee Remission Information

EECS UCS2s (Undergraduate Course Staff 2s) are eligible for a partial fee remission based on the appointment percentage of the value of the full fee remission guaranteed under Article 11 - Fee Remission of the UAW 2865 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

UCS2 Fee Remission Structure

Appointment Percentage

Fee Remission Percentage







Above 30%


Upcoming Events

In accordance with campus-wide policies pertaining to Academic Student Employees (ASEs), all first-time EECS TAs and UCS2s must attend the following events before interacting with students in-person or online in their role as an ASE. UCS2s are also required to complete the GSI Professional Standards & Ethics Online Course as specified below.

As an ASE, it is your responsibility to stay informed about your rights, protections, and benefits as an ASE under the UC-UAW 2865 Collective Bargaining Agreement, which represents GSIs, UCS2s, readers, and UCS1s.

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TA and UCS2 Selection Process

Staff GSI Coordinators will be responsible for all TA and UCS2 hiring. Official TA and UCS2 offers will be issued from the staff GSI coordinators—offers from faculty or course staff are not official. After faculty requests have been fulfilled, the search begins to assign students to classes without faculty requests.

First Priority

EECS graduate students have the highest priority. Among them, students with guaranteed GSI appointments are granted first priority, followed by students who must fulfill the teaching requirement for the PhD program. Other candidates with priority include EECS graduate students with demonstrated financial support, as well as candidates requested by faculty.

Second Priority

Graduate students from other departments.

Third Priority


Non-Native English Speaker TA and UCS2 English Proficiency Requirement

All prospective TAs and UCS2s who do not speak English as a native language must pass a spoken English proficiency test before they may serve as TAs or UCS2s. Candidates who hold a B.A., B.S., or other bachelor's level degree from an institution in the United States are exempt from this policy. The policy applies to all prospective TAs and UCS2s, regardless of citizenship, country of origin, residency status, or subject taught. Those who do not speak English as a native language may satisfy this requirement by passing a language test on the Berkeley campus.

A passing score on one of these tests must be obtained before you can be appointed as a UCS2.

To determine if you have satisfied the English Language Requirement, you can take the English Language Proficiency Questionnaire.


EECS TAs and UCS2s

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Graduate Support Team at

EECS Readers and UCS1s

Please contact Hamilton Chang, ASE Program Manager, at

Academic Intern Appointments

If you are interested in becoming an AI (Academic Intern) for an EECS course, please contact the head GSI of your course of interest.

Requests for AIs are also posted on Ed (please check regularly for updates).

You can also visit the course homepage to learn more information about course staff support, which can be found through the EECS Course Directory.

For detailed information regarding all Academic Appointments on campus (including requirements, fee remission, etc.), please consult Grad Division Teaching and Research Appointments. To learn more about the ASE hiring process, please see the ASE Program Hiring Pipeline.

Students can also refer to the GSI Teaching and Resource Center as an additional resource for teaching workshops and certifications.