The 2018 Distinguished EECS Alumni

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The 2018 Distinguished EECS Alumni awards were presented to Prof. Marie desJardins, Prof. Andrea Goldsmith, Richard Ruby, and EECS Prof. Emeritus Eric Brewer, at the at the Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium (BEARS) on February 8, 2018.

CS alumna Marie desJardins (Ph.D. ’92), currently a Professor of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering & Information Technology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, was recognized For distinguished research and teaching, innovations in pre-college computer science curricula, and effective mentoring of students and junior faculty.

EE alumna Andrea Goldsmith (B.A. ’86/M.S. ’91/Ph.D. ’94), who is currently the Stephen Harris Professor in the School of Engineering at Stanford, was recognized For excellence in research and teaching, and for tireless commitment to the advancement of women in the profession.

CS alumnus Eric Brewer (B.S. ’89), who contributed to the foundations of cloud computing and formulated the CAP Theorem, was recognized For research and industrial leadership in scalable distributed systems, used by millions of people daily.

EE alumnus Richard Ruby (Ph.D. ’84), Director of Technology (FBAR & Orthogonal Markets) at Broadcom, was recognized For inventions and groundbreaking technology advancements in FBARs making possible the remarkable success of smart phones and miniature communication links.